“The Healthworks Foundation (

The Healthworks Foundation funds outreach projects and non-profit fitness centers that lead to the health, betterment, and empowerment of women and children in the Dorchester community.

Healthworks at Codman is a fully functioning fitness center in Dorchester dedicated to women’s and children’s fitness. The center addresses the needs of low income women and encourages them to focus on their health and wellness. The center shows children that an active lifestyle can be fun! To date, the center has over 500 members. Healthworks at Codman hosts after school programming for children. The space has room for a teaching kitchen, to be used to show women the importance of healthy cooking. The Healthworks Foundation needs your help! The center needs funds to complete the kitchen and continue to operate.

Click the link above and help The Healthworks Foundation win $25,000. Voting ends 2/6/09 so register and vote for a deserving foundation. The winning organization will be recognized at Virgin America’s launch party in Boston on February 11, 2009.