People often ask: “how many miles are you running?” I never thought they’d care to hear more detail than that. Recently, a few people asked what I do for workouts when I’m not running. So, here’s what I did last week.

Monday PM: 45 minutes lifting, 1 hr spin class
Tuesday AM: 1:15 hr swim
Tuesday PM: 8 miles of progressive miles (each mile :15 faster)
Wednesday PM: 45 minutes lifting, 45 minutes spin class
Thursday AM: 1:15 hr swim
Thursday PM: 7 mile tempo run (mile warm, 5.5 miles close to race pace, mile cool)
Friday AM: 1:15 hr swim
Saturday AM: 4 mile run to gym, 1 hr spin, run home (it was too cold to slog it outside for 3 hours)
Sunday: European Method (this day is often a rest day)

Most weeks are similar in workout types with small changes to workout durations and mileage. I do a pretty good job of keeping myself accountable and doing each workout I plan on. One tip I have for anyone who asks how I motivate is to tell people about your workouts. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about it, write your workouts on a calendar and post it where it’s visible to you and others – the fridge, the office wall, etc. That way, you don’t have to announce what you’re doing, but the fact that your schedule has been available for others to see might make you think twice about skipping a workout!

Curran L