I’m not a cold weather person! I’m one of those people that scurries along the sidewalk in a down coat with a scarf, earmuffs, furry boots, and her hood on. The cold dreary Boston winters have taught me one thing: it never changes no matter how much I try to hide indoors. My biggest motivator to get out of the house and into the gym is my upcoming wedding in June. My second biggest motivator is the honeymoon in Anguilla! I have a slim, strapless, mermaid fit gown that was ordered last June. I’m not sure why I chose this particular fit because it’s completely and totally unforgiving. An A-line may have been a bit smarter, or one of those big cupcake dresses would have covered all flaws, but that was not my mindset on that particular day. I need to tone up and slim down fast! Luckily I’ve been very good about getting through the doors and trying new classes to change up my routine (my favorites are: 45 min Ride and Body Express). As long as I keep most days different and stay interested and entertained then I’m heading down the right path. I started really working hard towards my goals on January 1st, like most people I’m sure, and I’ve already seen a difference both on the scale and how I feel. I’ve really been working hard on my portion control as well. I have a HUGE appetite for someone my size, and that’s just how it’s always been but if I want to see a few pounds drop off then I need to work on my nutrition and stop eating like someone twice my size. I’m constantly re-evaluating my working out and eating habits and trying to find a better way to do things, but it seems the simplest of things can be the most difficult sometimes. For me, that’s eating breakfast. 2 cups of coffee has been my breakfast lately and I just can’t seem to get out of that habit. I will literally have breakfast of a banana or yogurt on my desk and I’ll get distracted and forget to eat it. I’m not sure what’s worse…a giant bagel with luxurious cream cheese or forgetting to eat in the morning? Well hopefully by June I will be able to say that I remember to eat a healthy breakfast most mornings and my fitness routine has paid off.

Laura Miscowski