1. Privacy – Plan ahead and make arrangements to have time to yourself, let your family know that this time should be uninterrupted, let voicemail collect messages, and commit to indulging.
2. Music – Listen to whatever you find soothing or just enjoy the silence.
3. Lighting – Dim the lights or use candles.
4. Scents – Place potted herbs (rosemary or thyme) or fresh cut flowers around the room. Add aromatic bath salts or oils (cary sage, geranium, chamomile, cedar, lavender, orange, or lemon) to bath water. Fill small cloth bags with dried herbs or float flower petals (rose, jasmine, or peony).
5. Touch – Use a thick, fluffy bath mat, towels, bathrobe or slippers, body scrubs, loofah, or natural sea sponge. Make your own scrub by dipping half a lemon in coarse salt or granulated sugar and rubbing your skin (avoiding your face).
6. Temperature – Warm water induces relaxation while cool water invigorates and energizes. Hot water relieves insomnia and pain but too hot water can dry your skin.
7. Additional Props – Use a bath tray to keep a book or beverage (don’t get dehydrated while soaking) within reach.
8. Beauty treatments – Condition your hair or cleanse your face with a purifying mask while soaking. Relax with a gel eye mask filled with lavender.
9. Foot massage – Place marbles in the bottom of a basin. Add warm water, a few drops of bath oil, and float sprigs of rosemary. Rub feet across marbles for a gentle massage.
10. Aftercare – Use a conditioning body lotion to keep skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Paint nails and toes to continue pampered feelings in between spa sessions.

Andrea Wilson