People are always interested in learning simple exercises that can define the abdominal area. So, I have compiled a list of three Essential Core Exercises that strengthen the muscles of the core, including the rectus, abdominis, obliques, and spinal muscles.

I call all my core exercises “Abdominal Curls” or “Engages”. This is because the word “Crunch” was originally used to describe abdominal exercises. However, I feel that the word crunch is too harsh. It doesn’t encourage the contraction of the core muscles to do the move. Instead it portrays the image of pulling the head forward, forcing the stomach exercise.

To correctly work the core muscles, place body in the center of the coreboard so that the shoulders, head and neck are free of the board. Lightly place hands behind the head without pushing on the head, bring legs into table to and squeeze thighs together. Gentle imprint the spine which is a gentle lengthen of the low lumber spine (lumber spine will be lengthening toward the coreboard).

Using the position described above, these three exercises can be easily accomplished by following these steps below:

Exercise #1: Basic Abdominal Curl

Initiating the movement from the abdominals, lift the upper body up and down (15 reps)


Exercise #2: Twist and Tap
Oblique twist to the knee that stays in table top and tap the opposite foot to the floor. Repeat on the other side (15 reps)

Exercise #3: Double Arm and Leg Stretch
Maintaining imprint, spine reach both arms and legs away from center core. If you are doing this exercise and feel low back discomfort then start by reaching one arm and alternate leg then, repeat on the other side.


Phyllis London