Don’t like running outside in the frigid weather, but easily bored running on the treadmill? Try some of the following ideas to keep yourself motivated during your treadmill workouts.

Have a Plan

I almost always utilize some sort of cardio workout to guide my treadmill run. I use fitness magazine workouts all of the time. Of course, running/walking workouts work best, but other cardio workouts work well, too.

Some of My Favorites

  • Interval workouts! Similar to above, change-up speeds and inclines to keep it interesting! Interval workouts also increase your caloric burn!
  • Play games: You can assign a distance, time, intensity, or speed to just about anything. For instance, try rolling a dice before heading to the gym. The number you roll is the number of miles you run/walk. Base your run/walk duration on the time you arrive at the gym or begin your workout. For example, if you start exercising at 5:47 PM, your workout will be 52 minutes (5+47). (Of course, this game doesn’t always work, but it’s fun when it does!)
  • If you have access to a TV while on the treadmill, pick up the pace during commercials with music, a jingle, or theme song.
  • Schedule your workout around your favorite TV show. Set a specific time to hop on the treadmill to watch your favorite TV drama or sitcom. Television shows work great because they are 30 or 60 minutes– the perfect amount of time for a treadmill workout!

Tina Haupert