I had my first dress fitting for my June wedding. They insisted that I came in ASAP, although I kept thinking to myself: “but I need to lose some weight!” Reluctantly, I went into my fitting thinking they would just do the hem and bustle because what kind of bride would have her first fitting so early. I was so wrong! They did it all, and when the seamstress was done pinning me all over the place like a pin cushion she said, “are you going to lose weight?” and of course I said, “YES.” I think that’s a pretty standard thought for most brides, but she said that I could only lose 2-3 pounds so the measurements wouldn’t change much. I felt like saying, “Ok, Un-pin everything and I’ll be back in 2 months.” However, I thought that losing just 2-3 pounds sounds a lot easier than it is when you’re trying to lose that nasty “last 5 pounds”. From now till June, I’ll be focusing on toning all over the place, but mostly my upper body and abs. I try and do a lot of classes with upper body because I can never seem to do it on my own, but I’m going to have to learn in order to see a nice difference!

Laura Miscowski