One-Leg Squat

Situate yourself at the end of one step and make a genie shape with your arms in front of you to help you balance. Keeping your knee of the leg on the step tracking straight, squat down into a one-leg chair. Squat until your other foot lightly taps the floor and then press the leg back to straight. 15x each leg.


One-Leg Step Up

Stand facing the end of the step with one leg on the step. Keep the legs hip width distance apart and activating through the back of the step leg, stand up to balance and then reverse step down. 15x each leg.


Glut Bridge with Marches

Lie on the floor with feet situated flat and hip width distance apart on the coreboard. Take an inhale to prepare and an exhale to activate the core and glut muscles to lift the hips up to an inverted position. While in the up position alternate the leg march with one leg and then the other. Continue marching 8x each leg. **Bridge and Marches can be done separately**




Phyllis London