I run “x” miles per week which averages “x” miles per day at a pace of “x” minute miles. My long runs are on Sundays.  I am going to leave specific numbers out given that the numbers are neither finite, nor may they be relevant to your specific needs and goals.  What I have noticed is that a long run is defined by the individual who is running and what the individual is training for.  Both the body and the mind must be trained properly to run “x” miles per day and “x” miles per week.  As a runner progresses so will the perception of time, distance and speed.

A long run is like an impulse dye job, without proper instruction and previous participation it can lead to one big damaged mess. Yet, with the right plan you’re golden….maybe even platinum! If you are curious about running but the idea of running 5-miles, 3-miles or even 1-mile makes you cringe do not try to run 5-miles, 3-miles or 1-mile.  Now, for those of you reading this entry who have not run before and do not cringe at the idea of running 5-miles, 3-miles or 1-mile, also do not go out and attempt to run 5-miles, 3-miles, or 1-mile.  You want to start slow.  I recommend trying the following:

(Warm-up for 5-minutes at a 1% incline)

1.)   4 minutes at a brisk walk with a 1% incline

2.)   30-seconds to 1-minute running at an “easy” speed with a 1% incline (do not try to sprint)

REPEAT until you reach 30-minutes

(Cool-down for 5-minutes at a 1% incline)


This workout will introduce both your mind and body to running.  You can now define YOUR “x.”


Run on!

Sarah Anderson