I completed the RESULTS program and lost 22 pounds in 12 weeks!  That’s great when you have a personal trainer checking up on your diets and workouts every week, and then kicking your tush in a weekly training session.  What about when your support goes away?  Well, it’s been 13 weeks since my last RESULTS session, and I’ve lost another 18 pounds!

One of the biggest influences the RESULTS program had on me is that it really did help me change my lifestyle.  I am not on a “diet”, and I don’t think any woman could hope to stay on a diet for the rest of her life.  This IS my life, now.  During RESULTS, I had to log every bite of food going into my body in an online food journal so that my trainer could help me improve my choices and make my eating habits something I could healthily live with.  I still record my food after every meal and snack, and I often use my food journal as a way to plan my meals ahead and see what impact they will have on my total daily numbers.  My body might tell me that I really want a cheeseburger, but when I journal it and see that it will raise my sodium or saturated fat or calories too high for the day, I can use the logical part of my brain to resist the temptations of emotional eating.

I don’t actually know how many calories I ate per day before I started with RESULTS, but I know it was a lot.  Even if you are not as meticulous at recording your food as I am, just writing down everything you consume in a day will force you to come to terms with the QUALITY and QUANTITY of food you put into your body.  How many calories a day come from liquids like sodas or lattés? Are you really getting 5 servings of fruits and vegetables?  How little are you eating for breakfast, and how much fat are you getting from that one slice of pizza?  How much of your food is over-processed and has too much salt and preservatives?  If you are looking to lose weight, journaling your food choices is essential.  If you just want to improve your overall health and wellbeing, start taking notice of the quantity and quality of your body’s fuel!


Amber Kendall