March brought on some new challenges for me!  I while back I had entered a St. Patrick’s Day 5K road race:  Ras na hEireann U.S.A.  I figured that it would give me a short-term goal and really get me into gear.  I was only running indoors on the treadmill in hill mode as opposed to outside in the freezing (I hate the cold) outdoors and I felt like it would be enough.  Then I got derailed by the flu!  I was completely out of commission for close to 2 weeks and my first run after being sick was only a few days before the race, but I thought: hey I can still do it!  On the day of the race I walked on over to the starting line and got ready to go.  I felt really good for the first mile, and maybe took it out too fast in the beginning so after that I just got slower and slower till the end where my entire body felt like jello.  There were people pushing strollers faster than I was running and there were people in Speedos and floppy hats running faster too, if you can even imagine it.  I always said 5K never killed anyone, but it was pretty close to killing me!  I finished in a decent 29:28, I hope to better that next year or in the next 5K that I enter.  I did learn one valueable lesson with this race: running on a treadmill does not compare to running outdoors for me.  Running outdoors really pushes me a lot harder and I get a much better workout.  I tend to do “easy runs” on the treadmill and think it’s enough, but for me it’s not enough to get me to the next level.  Once the weather hits 50 on a daily basis, I’ll be doing a lot of my cardio outdoors in the fresh air.

Laura Miscowski