The photos of Michelle Obama and her fifth grade work crew breaking ground for the White House garden set an example that many might want to follow yet are lacking the outdoor space for a working garden.  Does this mean that sustainability is not for the many but the few?  In the strictest sense yes, but there are options for the rest of us.
Come May and June farmer’s markets will be setting up in most neighborhoods in the greater Boston area.  They are great, they are fun, and they provide an opportunity to support local farmers while minimizing the carbon footprint of the food you eat.  One drawback is that the prices do tend to be a bit higher than those charged in local supermarkets.  These days that’s not a minor issue.  So who can afford to eat healthfully, support the environment, and help local small farmers?
The answer is more people than you might think thanks to CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture).  Participating farms offer shares, many also offer halfshares, they all limit membership so it is best to sign up soon.  Prices are determined before the season starts, for 2009 they are ranging from $500-$600 for full (family of 4) for a 20-22 weeks beginning in June.  On average it comes to between $30-$40 for super market bag of farm fresh vegetables picked the day you get them.  Some offer payment plans, some farms deliver to particular locations in the Boston area, some require you to pick up at the farm, and some require members to volunteer at the farm. 
There are many factors to consider.  I suggest going to www.nofamass.org where each of those participating farms pretty much describe most of the options.  Other sites I found helpful were:
Bon appetit!
Debbie Jones-Steele