Hello all you out there in Internet-land!


Thank you for joining me on what I hope will be a well chronicled path towards
complete fitness radiance!  That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it is why Kyle, my best friend and partner in crime (re: my old college roommate and ‘wing girl’) and I have decided to train for and finish the 2009 Harpoon 5 mile road race.  Note that I chose the work “finish” and not “run,” “compete,” or even “win.”  I believe that sometimes, like many other life events, it does not matter how fast you go or what trophy you receive.  The greatest rewards are found at some point during that journey to the starting line; who you trusted to provide motivation and support; and the sheer commitment that kept you going.

Well, that was inspirational. But now lets get down to business…..



Our New Year’s resolution was (again) to focus on eating healthy, satisfying meals that do not come in Styrofoam containers, and to begin working out.  To date, we have failed at both.  Sound familiar?  As women in our late 20s, we still believe that: a) we can take on the world, b)we can catch up on sleep when we’re dead and c)Even though we might be working 45+ hours a week, working on a masters degree, trying to make room for family, etc – we can go to that party at that night club we got invited too…even though we have to be up at 7am the next morning…..how else are we suppose to meet a guy?  


I am now a full believer in the saying “stress can kill you.” 


Fortunately or unfortunately, the last two months have provided both of us with severe wake-up calls.  Kyle is Type 1 diabetic and, despite her A1C being within an acceptable range, her symptoms are becoming increasingly subtle.  Although this is normal, her doctor has strongly encouraged her to begin some exercise program to reduce her risk of complications.  She has not consistently exercised since high school.  She doesn’t know how to start.  I am hoping that I can provide motivation and support during the beginning phases.


At the same time, I found myself in the emergency room of Newton-Wellsley, coughing up blood and being told that they wanted to scope my lungs for cancer.  It turns out that I had pneumonia – a diagnosis I was surprisingly grateful for…..however, I was also told that I probably developed it sometime last May or June.  I have been in national and collegiate sports since I was 10.  I literally completely a marathon out of spite…and promptly stopped running.  I need to learn how to release stress, rather then create it, through exercise.  I’m hoping that Kyle will help me evolve from simply an athlete, to an athlete who has fun and can enjoy exercise.      


So here we are, again, but this time is different.  This time we are starting a program that will slowly increase the intensity, allowing Kyle to monitor and understand how her blood sugar responds.  At the same time, I will focus primarily on not worrying about what I should or should not be doing.  I will be right where I need to be.  I don’t want to wait until a test comes back with malignant results, nor does Kyle want to wait until she is showing type 1 complications.  I don’t think we are the only ones to struggle with this issue of life/health/work balance.  I also hate reading the magazines, because sometimes they make it sound SO easy, and this is why I approached Health Works with the idea of sharing our story.   I hope you enjoy the stories that are sure to come.  Comments and friends are welcome to join us.  Stay tuned, the next blog will include Phase 1 – The beginning.