I just got back from a well deserved long weekend in Miami Beach.  I’ve been really stressed with work, and my fiancé has been even more stressed than me working really long painful hours so we thought the best thing we could do for our sanity was a quick vacation.  I had the best intentions when I got there to eat healthy and not indulge too much, but that’s not really the way it worked out!  It was so hot there, we’re talking 90 degrees, so I instantly felt like melting.  There was no way I was going to be able to work out in that weather so instead I found myself laying by the beach or the pool for hours at end not doing much else, but we did go there to relax after all.  I tried to make good food decisions when I could, but it was actually a lot harder than I imagined.  If I had a burger for lunch, I chose a side of salad instead of fries.  I tried to drink very little, just one cocktail here and there, and no desserts or fried foods.  I’m sure it was the fact that I sat on my butt for hours on end for 4 days straight, but when I got on the scale Monday morning for the first time out of curiosity, I had gone up by 2.5 pounds.  Woops!  I’m actually not that bothered by this at all, I am sure that I’m retaining a bit of water with the salty foods that I was consuming (Burgers!  I never eat burgers at home, airplane foods, sandwiches, etc).  I’m also sure that with some extra cardio this week and eating normally again, my weight will go right back to normal…and maybe a little extra might come off!  


Laura Miscowski