Once one decides to lose weight, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Or, at least companies would have you believe. You can cut all your carbs and eat only meat, or you could cut all your meat and eat only vegan. You can eat like they do in the Mediterranean, or you can eat like they do in Hollywood (which I’ve heard is not a lot, actually). You can count points and get your meals in cardboard boxes and freeze-dried packages sent to your home. You can buy magic machines that will work-out your entire body in fifteen minutes and magic pills that will shrink inches from your waist in days. What do all of these products have in common? The asterisk.

Yes, it’s true; a friend pointed it out to me this week. All of these glorious schemes to shed your weight (and your wallet) are followed by two statements: “results not typical”, and “healthy diet and exercise is required.” Let me save you the hassle and let you know that all of these products are placebos, and the only thing that is going to make a difference to your body IS healthy diet and exercise.

I spent many, many years of my life blaming my metabolism and waiting for a quick fix. I always told myself that I wanted to lose weight, and if I wanted to hard enough, then it would happen. Nothing happened. It’s something that people don’t want to hear, but losing weight and changing your lifestyle really do take hard work and knowledge. Last summer I finally decided I was serious about wanting to change the way I was living. I was still very skeptical. I had NEVER managed to lose a substantial amount of weight, let alone keep it off, and I struggled even keeping the scale from creeping ever upward. I was afraid that joining Healthworks and signing up for RESULTS was going to be another failure for me, another bottle of worthless diet pills or fancy exercise machine, proverbially collecting dust in the corner.

Thankfully, I was wrong. My trainer motivated me, and her support and my success for those 12 weeks gave me momentum; I not only lost 22 pounds DURING the program, but I have kept on track so that four months later I have lost another 30 pounds. My trainer gave me knowledge, and now that I know how to treat my body, I’ll never have to buy into another gimmick ever again. I feel like the RESULTS program was a course in how to live in my body, and there’s no asterisk needed for that because it’s the real thing!

Amber Kendall

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