It is not for me. I am not flexible, I am too old, too fat. It is too slow, it is too fast. These are some of the statements associated with yoga.

What I found to be true is that on my yoga mat, I have the deepest inner dialogue with my Self.

I take a variety of classes yet, Iyengar is the one tradition that speaks to my spirit. I get lost moving through the chakras as I navigate my inner landscape.

My introduction to yoga was joyful. I began to do research on the chakras and their significance to my own spiritual practice. Once that connection was made, It was my, aha Moment!

This joy is also related to finding that teacher that spoke directly to my deepest self. In the book, Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar writes, the obstacles, trials and tribulations in the path of Yoga can be removed to a large extent with the help of a Guru. (the syllable gu means darkness and the ru means light). He goes on to share that the Guru, is not an ordinary guide. He is a spiritual teacher who teaches you a way of life, and not merely how to earn a livelihood. He transmits knowledge of the Spirit.”

I found this in Michael at my Healthworks Iyengar classes. Michael’s caring and loving words and his presence as a teacher allowed me to get lost in the moment. I found myself planning my Saturdays around this class.

In this class I went deeper into my landscape. I found myself crying in certain poses and laughing with great joy in others. I am not the most flexible person but the pleasure of being the best you can be is indescribable. I faced my deepest fear of my body and expectations of self on the mat and found clarity in my silence.

Every class brings forth new experiences. I am still very much in the beginning of my journey on the mat but know that I can be me. Yoga allows you to be truly gentle with your body, mind and breath.

Spring is the perfect time to find that class, that teacher that begins your journey into the core of your being. Yoga can be detoxing for the mind and body. They are poses that I feel like a sponge being rung out.

Many of us find ways to begin the new season, the Earth season as we call it, by long runs or walks, spring flowers in our garden and light colors in our homes. After a long winter, and a long winter we had, reintroduce yourself to your body. Find that class that feeds your soul and reenergizes your being.

For this spring I share with all, reach your heart up to the sky and breath a new sense of life into the center of your being.




(Images: from Flikr, myyogaonline)