Lists of things are all in vogue on the internet right now, so I thought I’d share the top ten best things that have come out of the time since I joined Healthworks last summer and participated in the RESULTS program:

10.  This week, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I managed to finish a 12 minute mile.  In fact, I did two of them.  Maybe now I can finally get an A in gym class!

9.  For the first time in our 12 year relationship, I weigh less than my husband! (Even if it’s only by 1 pound!)

8.  Speaking of my husband, my lifestyle change has encouraged him to take up jogging and food-logging as well.  He lost several pounds when I started cooking healthier as a result of the RESULTS program, and now he is actively trying to change his lifestyle as well.

7.  I get positive comments about my successes literally every day, by co-workers, family members, and even random strangers!  This is a huge motivator!  My success is also motivating them to try to change.

6.  On any given day I can tell you what has gone into my body.  I have also become very good at estimating calories so that I can eat while I’m out, or on vacation, and still manage to be healthy.  I also know other important things about my diet, such as my sodium intake is too high, but my calcium is usually too low.  Knowing is half the battle!

5.  I am no longer afraid of cameras.  I’ve even joked about retaking my wedding photos from 4 years ago!

4.  In the past 9 months I have lost nearly 65 pounds, and as a result, I have gone from a size 24 to a size 16.  It has actually become annoying that I have to buy new pants every two months!  I am able to shop in REAL clothing stores again, and I’ve still got 20 pounds to go!

3.  Medical conditions that I used to have are either cured or have been greatly reduced by my increased activity and weight loss.  Believe me, working out and eating right is the best medicine for almost everything that ails you, and my doctor is so happy with me!

2.  I have reduced my risk of developing dangerous diseases that run in my family, such as Diabetes and Heart Disease.  Heart Disease is the number one killer of women in the U.S., and is tied closely to obesity.

1.  For the first time since I became an adult, I feel good about my body.  All teenage girls have body issues, but my issues led to weight gain and my self esteem never really recovered.  Now that I have faith in my will power and ability to change, it doesn’t matter that my body isn’t perfect.  I still have a long way to go, but I am confident I can maintain what RESULTS has started.