178 Thorndike Street

Brookline, Ma.


“All Sorrows are less with bread”

The single clue that alerts a passerby to the wonders of Clear Flour is the aroma that wafts from its premises.  Only someone suffering from olfactory dysfunction could just walk on by.  This is not just a storefront; all goods are made from scratch and baked on location.  If your timing is right you can purchase items that are still warm from the oven.  This situation no longer poses a dilemma for me as I don’t even pretend to resist temptation but succumb to the sheer joy and luxury of immediate gratification.  Calories be damned!!!!

The tiny retail space is a riot of authentic breads of Italy and France.  All are made from basic ingredients: flour, water, salt, and yeast, no dough conditioners, preservatives, or improvers of any kind are added.  All breads are made the “old fashioned” way, scratch mixed and hand shaped.  Clear Flour is a hard place to just dash in and out of, allow time to carefully peruse the inventory.  Be sure to pick up a bread availability chart; it is helpful to know the baking schedule.

In addition to their vast array of breads, rolls, and pizza dough they regularly carry scones, morning buns (with nuts and without), and croissants.  Weekends are full of surprises such as chocolate monkey bread (which warm is well worth the extra time at the gym).  I still haven’t mentioned the cookies, cakes, and tarts.  I think you will just have to go in and check them out for yourself or check out their website www.clearflourbread.com .  Hours are Mon-Fri 8 AM-8PM, Sa-Su 9 AM-7 PM (expect lines on weekends).

Debbie Jones-Steele 

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