I’ve been battling it out since January trying to tone and tighten for my wedding in less than 40 days.  Last week I started Bootcamp with Tina, 2 times a week to try and speed up the process.  You could say that the sessions are tough.  You might also want to die just after the warm-up portion of the hour long sweat-a-thon, or maybe that’s just me.  I do think this was actually a really good thing for me to do since I didn’t want to pay for a trainer but I was having a hard time on my own.  Bootcamp is small group training and there are only 5 people in my class so you really get a lot out of it, I certainly do, and the price is right.  I work so hard that I feel like I can barely move when I’m done, but the following day I’m just a little tight and sore.  After the first session I really thought I had made a bad decision because I was in so much pain, but funny enough I woke up feeling pretty good the next day. I’ve also been experimenting with reducing my carbs, basically just white rice, white pasta, and bread.  Honestly, I’m not really sure how that is going.  I’m feeling a bit more run down than I’d like, but I do feel slimmer in the tummy area, which is nice.  I really do fantasize about bagels and consuming an entire bag of chips, so maybe I need to back off a little bit there.  I have exactly one week till my final dress fitting…I’m nervous.  I feel like I’ve been working so hard, and I just haven’t seen the results I’ve been looking for just yet.  Although I do have 40 more days!


Laura Miscowski


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