If you haven’t yet considered dancing in your arsenal of workout choices, take a closer look—because now Healthworks offers, included in your membership, what’s arguably the best fitness dance class ever created.


This African-sounding name embodies an hour-long, cardio-intensive, and ridiculously fun dance class based on pulsating Latin and international music, to which you are welcome to “move your hips” and “shake your booty” with no shame, judgment, or embarrassment.

Do you watch Dancing with the Stars? Are you, like millions of viewers, in awe of how graceful, strong, and slender those professional dancers look?

Still doubt dancing is a superb workout?

Granted, you are not going to be spending six hours a day practicing like they do on Dancing with the Stars, but the benefits of dancing—especially Latin—will boost more than your physique. Dancing is more than just exercise. It really will turn your frown upside down (in a weather-challenged city like Boston, who can’t benefit from that?), give your self-esteem a boost, and reinvigorate your senses.

Dancing gives you a different perspective on your body, making your suddenly aware that you possess hips, legs, and arms with potential to move in a way that can create art. In a way that will make you feel like a million bucks, erasing the weight of years from body and soul. In a way that reinforces your body’s natural movements—no complicated cardio machines with limited mobility. With each hop, step, and turn, your core will have to support you, as is its natural purpose—without twisting yourself on Pilates equipment to separately strengthen your abs.

And unlike ballroom, which is a graceful, albeit different animal, that electrifying mix of Latin and international beats—everything from reggaeton to African—will make your body want to anticipate each new song and each new routine. Fatigue and sweat be damned. You’ll be having too much fun to notice.

As the saying goes, true genius lies in simplicity. To be effective, exercise doesn’t need to be complicated, with an array of trainers and nutritionists by your side. Running is simple, for example. So is ZUMBA.

The workout is easy to follow. You don’t need any equipment. Just show up and have an open mind.

Be warned though—this may make you an addict. To dance, that is. You’ll want more. Luckily, Healthworks delivers. ZUMBA is offered on weekends and weeknights at various times in all locations. You don’t have an excuse not to try it. The worst that can happen is you’ll learn. Go satisfy your curiosity.


Julia Timakhovich

Picture Courtesy Of: http://www.kansan.com/