June bootcamp with Tina starts soon if anyone is interested!  I have only one more bootcamp session left for the month of May, so how did I feel about it? I think I need to list some pros and cons of bootcamp from my perspective:


·         Excellent strength training with form correction

·         The best calorie burning you can find

·         Personal attention

·         I learned lots of new exercises

·         I learned which weight worked best for me (I was using too light before)

·         You can actually feel fat melting away

·         All over toning with fast results



·         It is on the more painful side!

I’m really glad that I did it, and I would do it again.  Generally after I work out on my own, I feel a little tired and fatigued.  After a bootcamp session, I feel like J-E-L-L-O, but doesn’t everyone want to feel like they accomplished something at the end of a workout?  It’s exactly what I needed.  I feel all around tighter and leaner after just 7 sessions.  I wish I could continue into June, but my wedding would be half way into it so it just didn’t really work out for me unfortunately.  I’m looking forward to my last wedding dress fitting next week.  At my last fitting, the dress was very uncomfortable.  I think the seamstress took to much in because, I’ve only gotten smaller since I purchased it, so she’s just going to let some out for me and hopefully next week I can bask in the glow of awesome arms and a flat tummy in a mermaid dress.



Laura Miscowski