I completed a full month of 2x a week bootcamp sessions, and I also participated in the special Healthworks Shape Day bootcamp class on 6/6.  I’m finding that it’s a lot harder to keep up with my workouts now that i’m only 12 days to my wedding, so the Shape Day bootcamp was a lot more intense than I imagined.  I really enjoyed it though, it was interesting to see three different styles teaching by trainers.  My favorite part was the core exercises, I’m always looking for new core exercises so I don’t get bored.  Right after class, I had a bunch of errands to get done and I looked in my drawer and saw my “skinny jeans” sitting in there.  Just for fun, I decided that it would be a good day to try them on.  My reasoning was that if they didn’t fit, then I was going to donate them already.  They’ve been mocking me for way too long and taking up precious drawer space.  I put them on, zipped them up, and they actually fit without cutting off my circulation.   The timing could not have been any better!  The scale hasn’t moved much at all in the past 6 months, but getting into a pair of pants that I haven’t worn in ages really makes me feel good –  that’s all the verification that I need.  I wore them all day, and I really do feel good right about now.  In 12 days, I can take my skinny jeans on my honeymoon! 


Laura Miscowski

Question of the Day: What exercises have helped you to fit back into a pair of your jeans?

(Images: from Flikr, Ro/Wererabbit)