Healthworks has kicked off its month-long Summer Transformation Bootcamp Challenge. The competition includes teams from each Healthworks location, who will be working hard to sculpt their bodies and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Throughout the event, we will be updating the teams’ progress. Here is a summary of the first few days of the challenge.

This week, all groups had an initial assessment with their personal trainer and fitness coach, and successfully completed their first grueling workout. Already, Team Fabulous, Team Buff Brides, and Moms and Maids have demonstrated impressive core strength. Leg workouts proved difficult for the Lazer Kittens, but they have also shown perseverance in this competition. In other news, Mainly Mom’s produced impressive numbers in the push-up department and other upper-body workouts.

Challengers will continue to work hard for the next few weeks and will have the option of incorporating BURN or Gravity classes to their workout to help achieve their health and fitness goals. Aditionally, each team will compete in weekly challenges. 

We will continue to keep you posted, so stay tuned for more updates and may the best team win!


Picture: Members of Team Fabulous, Brookline Healthworks