Healthworks’ Summer Transformation Challenge has begun and the nine teams are off to an impressive start. Here is a look at Team Metamorphosis, the lucky group selected from the Salem location. Team Metamorphosis wrote a compelling testimonial to be chosen for the Summer Transformation. They are a group of mothers, daughters, and friends who believe that they will be a great support system for one another throughout the month-long event.  Here is a picture of the team below:


Team Metamorphosis has had remarkable progress during their first week and a half of boot camp. Some team-highlights include completing a grueling BURN class, and running a timed half-mile. The group’s individual running results are below:

Alana- 4:36

Ashley – 5:40

Michelle – 5:25

Sabrina – 6:59

Gloria – 7:15

Jill – 6:25

Cristin – 5:45

Ashlyn – 5:00

Christina – 6:50

Sandra – 7:22

We will continue to update you on all the Summer Transformation Teams’ progress. Good luck to all the groups!