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Are you up for it?

Are you up for it?

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Carrots n’ Cake

For the Boston folks: This week Healthworks launched Fiona’s Challenge– women form teams with their friends and apply online. Healthworks members and non-members are welcome to compete!

Healthworks chooses 2 teams per HW location to compete in a four week bootcamp (teams get full access to the clubs plus one bootcamp and one FOCUS session per week). The team with the greatest percentage of change wins a $1500 shopping spree to City Sports.

If anyone is looking for a team member, please let me know! :-D

All Eyes On Jenny

Does anyone want to form a team with me for this challenge? I need at least 3 non-members of Healthworks (my gym), but if chosen, you’ll have access to any of the 5 Boston area Healthworks!

Once my road race is over (August 9th) I need something else to keep me going … this looks like a perfect opportunity. Anyone? Anyone? Leave a comment or email me at jenny [at] this domain dot com.

The Tweets:

D_Jacobson: Check out Fiona’s Challenge, Healthworks’ latest bootcamp & form your teams! Apply by 8/24:
D_Jacobson: @xtremelyperfect Awesome! Do you know about Fiona’s Challenge? We’re running a bootcamp. Wanna form a team w/ me?
Find Out more for yourself and apply at
(image: flikr, chimpmitten)

(image: flikr, chimpmitten)

I’m on week 3 of my half marathon training program.  I decided to use Hal Higden’s novice program since I’d read a lot of good reviews on people who use his programs all the time and really find them helpful.

I’m currently ahead of schedule distance-wise, but I don’t feel too confident in my speed.  I use the Nike Ipod hookup to track my time and distance and for the first time the other day a voice told me that I set a personal best record for a mile and when she told me the time…I was a bit mortified.  Really?  Am I really that slow?

Yes, it turns out that I am one of those people slowly chugging along down the sidewalk in spandex looking borderline insane.  My current long run distance is at 6.5 miles, but it’s not pretty looking.  So how can I make the transition from slow and steady to someone who actually looks like a runner?  There is probably a very easy answer for this: speed work on a track or hills.  Neither of which sound very fun but you don’t get anywhere without some hard work.

My original goal was to just be able to cross the finish like, but now I feel like I could do better than just finishing, I think I should use my finishing time to compare a future half marathon to.  I think I do see another one in my future.  Does anyone have suggestions so that I can go from a 9:15 mile to an 8:45 mile to start?

-Laura M Cho

Visit Laura’s Blog:

Do you have any advice for Laura?

For some good running tips join Healthworks Run Club at Back Bay, it meets weekly on Tuesday nights!

(Photo Credit: McCardinal Photo)

(Photo Credit: McCardinal Photo)

Hi everyone,

I’m Kristin and I wanted to tell you about a campaign I am proud to be a part of called Go Red For Women®.  Go Red For Women is the American Heart Association’s solution to save women’s lives.  Too few people realize that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women age 20 and over. About 460,000 women die of cardiovascular disease annually, more than the next five causes of death combined, including all forms of cancer.   But the good news is that heart disease is often preventable.  Go Red empowers women with knowledge and tools so they can take positive action to reduce their risks of heart disease and stroke and protect their health.

One such tool is Go Red BetterU.  BetterU is a FREE 12-week online program that provides guidance and tips to transform your overall heart health through small simple choices.  Ignoring fad diets and new exercise trends, Go Red BetterU focuses on the skills and information that help today’s busy women lead their own lives, only better.

You can also follow the experiences of six local participants and find inspiration for your journey through theirs.  Women from Marlboro to Merrimack Valley to Boston are changing their lives through BetterU.

I’ve recently tried to start eating more reasonable portions and a more healthy diet by making small changes – like shopping the perimeter of the store, walking home from work, walking with friends, and drinking less wine.  My workouts with friends at Healthworks of course help as well!

Remember, while those heart disease statistics are scary, it is largely preventable.  Check out BetterU today!


(image credit: flikr, moodeous)

(image credit: flikr, moodeous)

I am a runner.

Until very recently, I would never have uttered those 4 words in that particular order. Even when I hit the 60 minute mark in my training for September’s half marathon, I didn’t dare use that particular descriptor. Describing my pace, I would pander: I jog, it’s a very slow pace, there are people who walk faster– you get the drift, I trust. I was afraid that if I said the word, people would look me up and down and declare in judgment, “you sure don’t look like a runner!”

Today was another milestone for me: I hit 115 minutes of running (for some reason I count my time in minutes, and was really genuinely surprised when I realized that 115 minutes is the same as 1 hour 55 minutes. WHICH IS ALMOST 2 HOURS), my longest time and distance run yet. And it occurred to me as I stretched my tired muscles, that I really am a runner. I am a real runner! The thought just popped into my head. Sure, I still have some more weight to drop (there’s always more work to do), but why do I always associate this activity with a particular body type? Though it may seem obvious to you, dear reader, that a woman who can run for nearly 2 hours is, in fact, a runner, it has taken me months to come to terms with the fact that this is something I’m actually doing. I’ve seen so many kinds of people who run, that I’ve finally figured out that there is no single runner’s body. It’s a matter of confidence, I’m learning.

As I finished my stretching, I felt as if I could conquer the world and that I would absolutely, unfailingly meet my 13.1 mile goal (oh. Is this runners’ high?). For the moment, I’m happy to share with you these simple facts about myself: I am 24 years old and I’ve lost 40 pounds. I’m a runner, and I can do anything.


Are you a runner? Join the Healthworks Back Bay Run Club on Tuesday nights! Sign up in MindBodyOnline (or just show up!).

How did running change your life? Leave your comments!

(image credit: flikr, hersley)

(image credit: flikr, hersley)

Laughing Matters, invite laughter into your life
Please mark your calendar and get ready to attend  Laughing Matters at Healthworks in Brookline on Tuesday, July 28 @ 6:30 PM.  A  Laughing Matters session will introduce you to Laughing Yoga, a series of exercises to reduce stress through chanting, singing, laughing, and movement. Looking forward to seeing you!

“she who laughs lasts!”

Sandra Boris-Berkowitz

Laughing Matters
M.Ed, LRC, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

Check out this YouTube clip from CNN about Laughter Yoga:

Are you going to attend? Leave your comments!

Are you up for it?

Are you up for it?

Get ready…for Fiona’s Challenge!  The latest Bootcamp Challenge brought to you by Fiona Fit and Healthworks.  And to make things a bit more interesting…teams will be competing for a $1500 shopping spree to City Sports!!!

Want to enter into the Challenge?  It’s easy! Form a team with 6 to 10 of your friends and check out my new blog for information about applying and registering!.  But make sure to hurry, because the application deadline is August 24.  After the deadline, we will choose two teams per club to compete.

Want to give your team the best chance of getting into the challenge?  Make your application stand out!  Pick an original team name, tell us an interesting story in your application, we’ve even gotten a poem before!  Make them as funny or as serious as you like.  And we love getting videos!  Although none of that is required, it IS highly recommended.  Be creative!!

So what happens after your team gets picked?  You’ll be competing against each of the other nine teams in a four week fitness challenge!  The challenge includes a weekly bootcamp, a weekly FOCUS session (BURN, Gravity, or Pilates Reformer), and full access to the club while the competition is going on.  Plus, you’ll have a personal trainer encouraging you along the way and checking in weekly.  (And for those teams not chosen, don’t be sad!  There will be special prizes for every team that applies!!)

Also be sure to pick a team captain.  The team captain has a special job: reporting back to the trainer about their team’s progress!  We’ll post the updates online so other members can follow the competition and encourage you to succeed!

Want to see the full list of rules and important dates?  Visit this page.

Also, visit our list of FAQs (if you have an additional question you can ask it here as a comment).

Be Happy and Healthy,



Want to enjoy beautiful, stylish, and immaculate clubs with cutting edge, female-focused exercise equipment?

Do classes like yoga, pilates, BODYPUMP, cardio dance, urban rebounding, and spinning appeal to you?

How about relaxing in a tranquil spa and unwinding in a steam room, sauna, or whirlpool?

What about all of that, for free?

If you are not a member, come try us out on the house!

If you are a member, bring a friend for free!

Monday, July 27 is FREE WORKOUT DAY at Healthworks!

Non-members: Sign-up Here

Members: Feel free to sign-up a friend!

Find out more at


I always thought a personal trainer would be much too expensive, but after discussing the different options with a trainer at Healthworks, it might be a more affordable investment than I thought! Here are a few of the more affordable options that we discussed:

Partner Training: Train with a friend for a cheaper rate. Pro: You and your training buddy can be super competitive with one another during your sessions and constantly challenge each other.

Express Training: Instead of paying for a 60-minute session, only pay for a 30-minute one. Typically, a 30-minute session includes a high-intensity, circuit training workout. When I did an Express session with a trainer, I was huffing and puffing and dripping with sweat by the end. Starting my week off with a workout like that is an awesome motivator for the rest of the week!

Gravity Class at Healthworks!

Gravity Class at Healthworks!

Tricep Dips, hardwork after doing sprints on the treadmill!

Tricep Dips, hardwork after doing sprints on the treadmill!

Focus Training: Focus Training at Healthworks is a series of training programs that take place in small groups and have a specific format, schedule, and focus. Included in Focus Training is BURN, Gravity, and Pilates Reformer groups.

Trainer Check-ins: Instead of twice-weekly or weekly meetings with a trainer, only book a few sessions, and then ask the trainer to give you “homework” workouts to do on your own. Check-in with your trainer when you feel like you need a new routine or a boost of motivation.


Have a good training story? Leave your comments here for a chance to win a complimentary training session!

Are you a Healthworks personal training client? Refer a friend to the Healthworks Training Team. For every friend that purchases a training package, (5 sessions or more) you earn a FREE Session!  Start referring today!



The Healthworks Restaurant Club in partnership with presents the deliciously Vegan Side of TORO!

Fear not! Vegan food is great, especially when prepared by renowned chef Jamie Bissonnette. Chef Bissonnette will be heading out to a local farmers market a mere hours before this event to find the areas freshest produce and will be designing a 3 course tasting menu based on what is available! Enjoy this great Tapas style meal at the communal table at TORO. This event is not to be missed, RSVP soon, space is limited.

What: Vegan dinner at TORO.  Tasting menu of 3 fresh Vegan Courses served Tapas style w/ Wine or Sangria.
Price: $40 (Tax and Gratuity included)
When: July 28, 6pm
Where: TORO Restaurant
1704 Washington St
Boston, MA 02118
How: Email or Call Alyssa at TORO,, 617.536.4300

Leave your comments!

Have you been to a Healthworks Restaurant Club event?

Are you attending this Event?

How do you stay Vegan?

(image: flikr, douglaspat90)

(image: flikr, douglaspat90)

In the 70’s, I was hooked by the message of the human potential movement – that we all have an inner reservoir of untapped potential which we can grow and develop in order to be fulfilled. It particularly appealed to me at that point in time as I was on a quest to find something more meaningful than the rallying cry of the 60’s – sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

I embarked on a path of personal growth and change. I took innumerable workshops that focused on learning more about my motivations, desires, communication skills and interpersonal relationships. I probed the depth of my psyche so that I could be more honest, direct and forthcoming in my relationships with others. I challenged myself physically by running a number of marathons, walking on burning coals, giving up red meat, introducing vitamins, herbs and homeopathic remedies into my diet and wearing only natural fibers. I explored the realm of “energy” and experienced auras, energetic fields, psychic phenomena and vibrational medicine. All of this was done with the goal of growing and expanding my awareness. And it worked.

Now, at the age of 62, I have finally let go of patterns and behaviors that no longer nourish or sustain me. I feel better about myself, have meaningful and honest relationships with others and feel physically strong and spiritually connected. And I am still a work in progress. I trip over myself, quite literally, sometimes am less sensitive than I would like to be to others, become triggered by what someone says and want to lash out or run away from that person. But at least I am now conscious of these rough areas and try to understand my reactions, acknowledge my role and examine my expectations.

I am working hard on accepting and not changing others and in so doing am finding compassion for others as well as myself. I still take the mantra of the human potential movement to heart. As long as I am breathing, there is more territory to develop. I look forward to continued exploration, awareness and greater fulfillment in life.

Here’s to continued growth and change,


Co-founder, Still Savvy


stimulating ideas, resources and connections for baby boomer women

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How have you challenged yourself in order to grow?