My wedding was on June 20th, the only Saturday in June that it did Not rain!  I couldn’t believe my good fortune, and the sun even came out just for the brief 20 minute ceremony.  Wedding planning was not my favorite thing in the world, but it was very satisfying to see everything put together and perfect on that day.  What was even more satisfying was being able to zip up my dress in complete comfort!  I really did feel great, and how was I able to feel so good on my special day?
– Lots of water and daily vitamins
– 2x a week bootcamp in May
– 2x a week bosu challenge classes at the gym: April, May, June
– Balanced lunches and dinners without going too wild on the weekends
– A trip to the dermatologist

Counting down the last few weeks, I kept thinking to myself: I wish I had done more.  Now looking back, I think that I did the right amount.  Going overboard would have probably stressed me out even more with my time constraints.  I think they key is to be very productive with the time you have, for example doing exercises that target more than one area of your body.  I also tried to make a little bit extra at dinner time and packing some of the leftovers for lunch to save time/money.

Since I’ve been back from our honeymoon I started training for the Nike women’s half marathon in October.  It’s about 13 weeks away, so my training is currently slow and steady and I’m just trying to get back into shape after a week of sitting on the beach doing nothing.  Does anyone have any tips on training for a half marathon?  So far the only advice I’ve gotten is to make sure my long runs are hitting 10 miles by the last month, and to really make sure all the other long runs are good distances.  This is my first long race, and actually only my third road race so I’m a bit of a novice!

Laura M Cho

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How many weddings are you going to this summer?

Did you have a special routine that got you ready for your wedding?