(image: flikr, douglaspat90)

(image: flikr, douglaspat90)

In the 70’s, I was hooked by the message of the human potential movement – that we all have an inner reservoir of untapped potential which we can grow and develop in order to be fulfilled. It particularly appealed to me at that point in time as I was on a quest to find something more meaningful than the rallying cry of the 60’s – sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

I embarked on a path of personal growth and change. I took innumerable workshops that focused on learning more about my motivations, desires, communication skills and interpersonal relationships. I probed the depth of my psyche so that I could be more honest, direct and forthcoming in my relationships with others. I challenged myself physically by running a number of marathons, walking on burning coals, giving up red meat, introducing vitamins, herbs and homeopathic remedies into my diet and wearing only natural fibers. I explored the realm of “energy” and experienced auras, energetic fields, psychic phenomena and vibrational medicine. All of this was done with the goal of growing and expanding my awareness. And it worked.

Now, at the age of 62, I have finally let go of patterns and behaviors that no longer nourish or sustain me. I feel better about myself, have meaningful and honest relationships with others and feel physically strong and spiritually connected. And I am still a work in progress. I trip over myself, quite literally, sometimes am less sensitive than I would like to be to others, become triggered by what someone says and want to lash out or run away from that person. But at least I am now conscious of these rough areas and try to understand my reactions, acknowledge my role and examine my expectations.

I am working hard on accepting and not changing others and in so doing am finding compassion for others as well as myself. I still take the mantra of the human potential movement to heart. As long as I am breathing, there is more territory to develop. I look forward to continued exploration, awareness and greater fulfillment in life.

Here’s to continued growth and change,


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