Are you up for it?

Are you up for it?

Get ready…for Fiona’s Challenge!  The latest Bootcamp Challenge brought to you by Fiona Fit and Healthworks.  And to make things a bit more interesting…teams will be competing for a $1500 shopping spree to City Sports!!!

Want to enter into the Challenge?  It’s easy! Form a team with 6 to 10 of your friends and check out my new blog for information about applying and registering!.  But make sure to hurry, because the application deadline is August 24.  After the deadline, we will choose two teams per club to compete.

Want to give your team the best chance of getting into the challenge?  Make your application stand out!  Pick an original team name, tell us an interesting story in your application, we’ve even gotten a poem before!  Make them as funny or as serious as you like.  And we love getting videos!  Although none of that is required, it IS highly recommended.  Be creative!!

So what happens after your team gets picked?  You’ll be competing against each of the other nine teams in a four week fitness challenge!  The challenge includes a weekly bootcamp, a weekly FOCUS session (BURN, Gravity, or Pilates Reformer), and full access to the club while the competition is going on.  Plus, you’ll have a personal trainer encouraging you along the way and checking in weekly.  (And for those teams not chosen, don’t be sad!  There will be special prizes for every team that applies!!)

Also be sure to pick a team captain.  The team captain has a special job: reporting back to the trainer about their team’s progress!  We’ll post the updates online so other members can follow the competition and encourage you to succeed!

Want to see the full list of rules and important dates?  Visit this page.

Also, visit our list of FAQs (if you have an additional question you can ask it here as a comment).

Be Happy and Healthy,