(image: flikr, chimpmitten)

(image: flikr, chimpmitten)

I’m on week 3 of my half marathon training program.  I decided to use Hal Higden’s novice program since I’d read a lot of good reviews on people who use his programs all the time and really find them helpful.

I’m currently ahead of schedule distance-wise, but I don’t feel too confident in my speed.  I use the Nike Ipod hookup to track my time and distance and for the first time the other day a voice told me that I set a personal best record for a mile and when she told me the time…I was a bit mortified.  Really?  Am I really that slow?

Yes, it turns out that I am one of those people slowly chugging along down the sidewalk in spandex looking borderline insane.  My current long run distance is at 6.5 miles, but it’s not pretty looking.  So how can I make the transition from slow and steady to someone who actually looks like a runner?  There is probably a very easy answer for this: speed work on a track or hills.  Neither of which sound very fun but you don’t get anywhere without some hard work.

My original goal was to just be able to cross the finish like, but now I feel like I could do better than just finishing, I think I should use my finishing time to compare a future half marathon to.  I think I do see another one in my future.  Does anyone have suggestions so that I can go from a 9:15 mile to an 8:45 mile to start?

-Laura M Cho

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