(image: flikr, *Amor Fati*)

(image: flikr, *Amor Fati*)

Growing up in Panama, I spent a great deal of time in the Sun. It was a way of life that brought me joy and high energy.

Coming to the US and facing the change of seasons was a culture shock to a very long list of things to get used to. I remember my first winter and seeing the Sun out and being excited that I could feel some heat on my skin. I quickly realized that the Sun could be out and it can be absolutely freezing.

After long winters, I would return home and feel the change in my movement. I had more energy to get through the day. Overtime, I realized that lack of sun exposure was affecting me.

I recently learned that I am low in vitamin D. I immediately called my Doctor to get more information. I shared the news with my Trainer Sarah who said to me very calmly, it is probably due to lack of Sun exposure. I then heard back from my Doctor and Sarah was right.

In our last Circle meeting, one of our members also shared that she was given the same information. I then realized that it is very common but undetected in communities of color.

The member of the Circle sent me some information from the Medical news. The title of the article, Vitamin D Levels among people in the US, particularly those with Darker Skin, focuses of communities of color. The following information comes from the article.

“Vitamin D deficiency might be on the rise due to more people avoiding the Sun to prevent Skin Cancer. According to Ginde, the abundance of the skin pigment melanin, which is prevalent in those with darker skin, can block ultraviolet light, which induces Vitamin D production. Vitamin D deficiency is particularly prevalent among blacks and Hispanics. Ginde said that those with lighter skin can boost Vitamin D levels by getting 10-15 minutes of sun daily, while those with darker skin need about five times that amount.”

With all this information, I now know that the Sun is even more important to our well being.

Today I shared with a member whose “Fabulousness” moves me that I will be out next week on a research trip to Latin America. She wished me luck and went on to workout. She immediately came back and said, “Do you ever think of going back permanently?” I said, yes. Her response was then, “Great, It is where your Spirit lives.”

Yes, My spirit lifts to his highest level for many reasons back home in Panama but  as I learn more about what helps my journey for  balance in my life, I learn that my Spirit reaches for the Sun to give me movement and energy.

Learn more about Vitamin D deficiency by visiting www.medicalnewstoday.com



Note: After Yvette wrote this post we came across the following article about Vitamin D deficincy in children.

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