(image: flikr, ulterior epicure)

(image: flikr, ulterior epicure)

I scream, you scream! We all scream for ice cream!

Ice cream is a cool treat from the scorching summer heat, but before enjoying your scoop, keep in mind these waistline-saving strategies.

  • Simplify your cone: Waffle cones, especially those dipped in chocolate, have as many as 350 calories– and that’s without ice cream in it! Order your ice cream in a cup, dish, or plain cone. A cake cone, for instance, has only about 20 calories.
  • Stick to the classics: Select classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or coffee instead of the “loaded” ones like “chocolate peanut butter cookie dough.” You’ll save quite a few calories without depriving yourself.
  • Order a kiddie size: Do you really need 3 scoops of ice cream to satisfy your craving? A kid’s size scoop will likely do the trick and is often pretty close to the recommended half-cup serving size. If a kid’s size is not available, order a small. You want your serving to be about the size of a tennis ball.
  • Watch your toppings: It’s easy to get carried away with delicious ice cream toppings, especially the chocolate sprinkles, cookie dough, and candy bar pieces. For fewer than 50 calories, fruit toppings, such as fresh berries, contain healthy fiber and nutrients instead of partially hydrogenated oil. Nuts, in moderation, are also a nutritious ice cream topping.

Limit the extras: Think of ice cream as a treat all by itself. There’s no need to add extra sugar and calories with chocolate and caramel sauce or whipped cream. Enjoy your cone as is!


What is your favorite “guiltless” ice cream order? Leave your comments!