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Not only is this a question worth asking, it is one that should have a definitive answer.  The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has just completed a 10 month working review of cell phone safety.  Their research is intended to inform not to scare.  Be assured none of their employees have thrown their phones away.  The study was undertaken because phones do emit radiation to send voice and text messages between users.  The amount varies significantly from model to model.  Radiation emission is cause for concern; there are indicators that frequent and long time (ten years or more) users are at an increased risk of contracting brain and mouth tumors.  Though at this point nothing is conclusive, the health risks are implied not confirmed.  Therefore EWG feels further study is essential to accurately determine the possible threats of cell phone use.  This is particularly important since years of use can be a significant contributor to risk.

The full report can be found at  You will also find a list of the ten lowest radiation phones, the worst radiation phones, the emissions of your specific phone and a guide to cell phone use which reduces radiation exposure.  I do want to repeat their recommendation to limit children’s phone use.  Young brains absorb twice the cell phone radiation as adults.  Until more is known EWG suggests phone use for kids be for emergencies only.

The immediate intent of this study is not to ban our life lines of convenience (that would be a fool’s errand) but rather to require manufacturers to label their products radiation output so consumers can make informed decisions at the time of purchase.  Again this is not about employing scare tactics but practicing safe usage until more is definitively known about the possible risks of cell phone radiation.

Debbie Jones-Steele

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