I started back to work on Friday, after several months of searching for a teaching position.   Now that I have found a subbing position, I need to make sure I keep exercising an essential part of my daily routine.  My biggest concern about going back to work is being able to maintain my workout schedule now that I have that down.

When I was working during the last school year I was going to the gym sporadically.  I’d have spurts where I’d go for a week or two and then I would get tired/busy/sick and then the gym would move down the priority totem pole until it was non-existent.

So I was pleased when I woke up from my nap (I had been having trouble sleeping all week) that I checked the Healthworks schedule and saw that there was a Pilates class at 5:30.  I changed and made it there in time for a relaxing end to a busy and stressful week.    Now that I have made it through this hurdle, I have no doubt that I will continue to make exercise a priority.


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