Hello fellow Healthworks Members!

My name is Chelsee and I’ve been a member of Healthworks for almost two years now (I really can’t believe how fast time flies!). I was on the hunt for a great gym and was planning on touring a few in the city and, thankfully, Healthworks happened to be first on my list. I loved everything I saw on my tour, from the atmosphere, to the encouraging trainers, and friendly staff. I signed up that day, and have supported them ever since.

I work from home as a freelance graphic designer and blogger on the food and lifestyle blog that I run with my best friend, We are not Martha. In my free time I enjoy cooking (and who am I kidding, eating too… life is too short for lies! ;)) and traveling as much as I can. Working from home has definitely been interesting in terms of health…and I’ve never felt better, to be honest! I’ve had the time to cook better and healthier options, exercise more, focus on myself, and my happiness and, of course, spend time volunteering.

One of my favorite volunteer jobs is as a wellness coach at Healthworks at Codman; it has been a phenomenal experience. I’ve met some of the most down to earth, determined, appreciative, and hilarious women in my life while spending time at Codman, which makes me feel extremely lucky to be in their presence.

I’ve never been one to obsess over what the scale tells me and I have been fortunate enough to have maintained my weight for years and never really “struggle”. I’m a firm believer in staying active and being healthy, all while enjoying great food and really understanding the way I feel after meals and workouts. A couple of months ago I started yoga, too, and really love the way I feel after each workout! I’m excited to take more classes at Healthworks!

Through my posts on this blog, I plan on sharing with you my experiences while volunteering at Healthworks Codman and the way the women there have moved me and I also plan on talking about why I think it’s so important for women to just really slow things down sometimes, enjoy life, great food, and the people around them. If I can accomplish any or all of those things in a given 24-hour period, then I consider it a perfect day!


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