I really love working out in the mornings for several reasons. First, I am truly a morning person and my energy and focus is at its best in the morning. Second, my exercise is done before I begin my full day of work and sometimes I even forget that I have already been in the gym that day! I feel proud of myself to accomplishing a goal and it gives me the chance to feel good about what my body has accomplished before getting dressed for the day. Third, I truly have more energy than I would have without the exercise.

This morning I took a spinning class after doing some weight lifting and it has helped me all day! I’ve stayed focused on being aware of what I am doing to be more healthy by logging my workout and what I’m eating. Being proud of myself for making just one healthy decision has helped me today since work was not as busy as usual. I remember my first few spinning classes and how difficult they were to complete! I was proud of myself just for finishing the class when I wanted to give up. After over a year of going to spinning fairly regularly, I can really tell that I have developed muscles in my legs. Feeling strong is an important part of my journey to positive body image of myself. I have never played sports past volleyball in middle school so I don’t consider myself an athlete, though I have gone to a gym since I was 14. Being able to do the things that my athletic peers can do is fun! Spinning has a reputation for being tough, and its rewarding to be a part of the group of people in the world who can do it!


Do you work out in the morning? When do you like to workout? Leave your comments!