Last week I went to Healthworks with the plan of meeting one of my friends and co-workers who has been a member of Healthworks for 12 years. We had a plan to do our own “mini-BURN” session where we challenge each other on the treadmills. She is a faster runner than me, so by going on the treadmills we are able to work out together while challenging ourselves personally and encouraging each other to do well. We’ve done this routine a few times, and when we are walking in between intervals, we catch up about what is going on in our lives.

However, when we arrived, we were invited to a special Healthworks Open House event called “Rock Star Spin” with master trainers Diane, Jane, and Nicole. They had dressed up in fun outfits while we spun with a disco ball going – for over an hour! We also got free Powerade samples and free t-shirts for answering Healthworks trivia and for participating in the event. Just another example of why I enjoy going to Healthworks – I was pulled into the event because all the trainers knew my name (and my friend’s name) and that I love spinning! And of course, they know I love a challenge, too.

Afterwards, my friend and I did some weight training for our arms and got to catch up a bit. Weight training in front of a mirror is important so I can check my form and make sure I am doing my workouts correctly. However, I am of course faced with my image in the mirror, which can be distracting! Even if I start out checking out how sweaty I am or if my hair is staying up in the ponytail, I end up also looking at how my body looks in the mirror and how my clothes fit. When a negative or critical thought pops into brain, I try to refocus on what I am doing in the gym and what muscle groups I am working in order to think positive and focus on the positive change I am making by being at Healthworks! Does anyone else have ideas about how to think positively when you look in the mirror and are faced with critical thoughts about your appearance? I would love to hear from you!


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