Why is Halloween a license for people to be risque and reveal more of their bodies than they do on an everyday basis? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? For them as well as for everyone who sees them? Does it demonstrate great confidence or an over-compensating for a low self esteem? Probably both. I notice a lot more women wearing revealing costumes compared to men, and many more compared to 10 years ago. Of course there are a fair share of men who imitate Tom Cruise’s role in “Risky Business” and go pants-less. Yet these men come across as funny or clever, but women are judged as “skanky” for doing the same outfit.

Today I heard college women ask when Halloween “became a slutfest” and at what age it is appropriate to show off your underwear as a part of your costume. Women as young as 13 or 14 are wearing revealing costumes, such as a “slutty Dorothy” (from Wizard of Oz) this fall season. I’m sure there are plenty of women who wear clever, well-thought-out, intricate costumes where they look attractive and have a great time. I saw a young woman in an Elizabeth Cady Stanton costume (circa 1845) who proceeded to tell me the history of women getting the right to vote – now that is an inspiration!

Do young women believe they can only have a good time on Halloween if they are wearing a revealing costume? I wonder if we took a poll of women asking what made their night, would they say it was related to their costume or to their attitude, personality, who they were spending time with, and what they were doing. My advice is to wear whatever you feel comfortable in on Halloween, and have a good time while focusing on your safety and the safety of your friends. Just keep in mind that other people will react to your costume in a variety of ways, and we don’t always want to see your butt cheeks even if you are proud of them!