This summer I discovered something new. Frozen grapes. I can’t believe I didn’t know about them before, but they saved my life! And my reason for loving them is easy. They’re inexpensive, simple and delicious. What more can you ask for in a snack?

In four simple steps, they’ll be your favorite snack, too!

• Rinse all of the grapes off

• Pull the grapes off the stems (I’ve heard of some people leaving them on the stems while freezing, but they’re far easier to eat and grab once they’re already off the stems.)

• Then, in a freezer safe storage bag, lay all of the grapes flat.









• Several hours later you’ll have bite size, healthy, popsicle like grapes!



I remember the first time I made them, I thought they were going to be really hard and hurt my teeth, but like I said, they’re basically mini popsicles and are very easy to bite into. And after eating a handful of them they generally subside all of my snacking hungers!


What’s your favorite healthy snack?