I haven’t worked out in a week. It’s been driving me crazy, but I’ve been sick; as in not being able to get out of bed sick. So I’ve been resting and trying to recover as fast as possible by drinking lots of water and tea and not overdoing it, meaning no working out.

In the past, when I was younger, I always worked and worked out through illnesses. But as I have gotten older I have found that when I get sick, it isn’t a “flash in the pan” cold, it’s more of a prolonged illness or infection, like a sinus infection.

So I’ve been taking it easy and today I am feeling well enough to do some household tasks and small errands. I’m hoping that by tomorrow or Sunday at the latest I am able to return to exercising, albeit at a slower pace.

How long does it take you to recover from illness? When do you return to your workouts after being ill? When you return to working out, do you start off at a lighter pace?