On Sunday I ran the Superhero 5k in Cambridge with my friend, J., who also ran in the half marathon with me. I didn’t plan my costume well enough; I woke up, grabbed a sharpie and a white tee shirt, and started drawing. J. went dressed in burnt orange as Texas Man. Some of the costumes were pretty amazing. I saw a lot of Supermen and superhero5kwomen, a complete set of all 4 Ninja Turtles, a Super Hero (it was a sandwich kind of hero, very punny), and all sorts of underwear-outside-the-pants outfits. I have to say, these past two weekends are the first races for which I have ever run in any sort of costume – and it is SO fun. At the Boston Marathon I saw a lot of people running in costumes and crazy outfits, including a banana and a hamburger, and I really didn’t get it. A marathon seemed so serious and at first I thought the costumes were a little out of place. But now I get it! Running is about exercise and pushing yourself, for sure, but these races can also just be about having a good time. Hey, if a banana suit makes you happy, then you should absolutely go for it.

Last week, I wrote about a number of goals, one of which was to decrease my finish time to the 39 minutes or less superhero5k2range. My clock time for the Superhero race was 38 seconds faster, I went from 40:58 to 40:20 this week – alas, I didn’t quite make my goal. I think this happened for two reasons. First, the race course was along Mass Ave; naturally, I saw somebody I knew walking down the street, and she really wanted me to stop to take a picture. So that adds 20-30 seconds right there. Second, although runners were provided with an electronic tag to put on their shoes, there was no start pad to run over. This means that although I didn’t actually start running for 30 seconds after the clock started, my time began at the same moment as everybody in the front of the pack. So, all in all, although I my official time was not what I had hoped for, I did actually run a faster race.

Next time, I won’t stop for pictures!


How do you make running fun?