Some days it can be really difficult to get motivated to work out. We all know what it’s like; dragging yourself out of bed, having conversations in your head and promising yourself after workout “rewards”. It can be a definite challenge at times, but I think we all agree that once the workout is all done, we feel great and feel quite empowered.

This past Tuesday, I was feeling sort of in a “slump” but really knew I should hit the gym and work up a sweat. Instead of doing a solo workout, I figured I’d take a class. I checked the schedule at Chestnut Hill and saw the Urban Rebounding class was being held at 9:30am with Tracie F. I was mostly excited to take this class because, really, jumping up and down on a mini trampoline for 40 minutes is simply awesome! Since I work at home, I typically go to the gym in the afternoon off peak hours. So getting to the club around 9ish and seeing it filled with motivated women, working out, congregating, chatting with each other, and genuinely happy to be there, was a welcome surprise.

I started off warming up on the elliptical for about 15 minutes then walked over to the studio where Urban Rebounding was taking place. It was the first time I’d taken a class with Tracie and right off the bat, she warmly welcomed me, was filled with energy, friendly, and extremely inspiring … she didn’t stop at all… not once! I was impressed!

This was such an amazing way to wake up. One thing I love about Healthworks is the other women members at the club. Everyone in the Urban Rebounding class was so supportive, helped me find a good piece of equipment, and so many ladies were smiling and laughing and getting so into the class. Tracie had a really wonderful playlist going with songs that could pump anyone up, and, at times, she creatively incorporated some of the lyrics to the songs into our workout, which was fun. At the end of class, she stretched us out nicely, and it’s safe to say, I felt amazing the rest of the day. It was such a great sweat and a really great way to get motivated and start the day! I’m definitely excited to add this class to my Tuesday morning routine!


What class gets you out of bed?