I’ve been busy this week and missed my motivation to blog because I just didn’t feel like I had much to SAY. I had a normal workout at Healthworks this morning with some time on the elliptical and then a few sets of weight lifting; it was a rather uneventful day at work, especially in terms of body image. Then I realized that that was okay – that most days, in fact, most people have “normal” days in which perhaps we don’t analyze what we think about our bodies. Many days we stay within our habits, which is why they are habits in the first place! What we think about ourselves doesn’t generally change on a day to day basis, unless something drastic occurs in our lives.

I did want to bring up a new topic today – body adornment! There are lots of types of body adornment, but tonight I went to a jewelry party at a friend’s house with a group of other women. A sales woman gave her spiel about buying her jewelry and showed us a nice collection of rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Its so fun to be with women who love decorating their bodies with jewelry, because of the way they get excited both about the jewelry itself as well as the way it looks on their body. In fact, its strange that we may find something we like as a piece of art but not like the way it looks on us. Yet we may think it looks good on someone else! How is your taste in jewelry affected by how you look at your self? We have to know what we like or what we think looks good on us, complements our skin tone or favorite clothes, in order to pick out jewelry that we like. Yet we rarely think about the way we use everyday jewelry as something that complements our sense of self such as our body image. Do you have favorite jewelry due to sentimental reasons? Because you or others think it looks good on you? Because it complements your outfit? What does jewelry do for your self esteem?