I have not managed my time very well this week. Sometimes, when I have these great plans to go to the gym and get my amazing workouts in, I forget that I have all these other constraints in my life. Normally, I try to just make it work, because exercising is a priority for me now. But sometimes, it just doesn’t seem to fit in.

This week was crazily busy. Things have really picked up and work and school, and I had two major assignments due this week (that I obviously didn’t start ahead of time – like I said, poor time management). The good news is that I got everything done and my presentations went really well, I think. The bad news is that in order to complete everything on time, I definitely didn’t get enough sleep and spent little time doing anything but work. Literally, all of my available time blocks were suddenly filled up.

What really frustrates me about a week like this is that I really know that I would feel so much less stressed out if I had just worked out. I always feel better after I exercise, but when I have a lot on my plate, it seems to be the only thing that I take out of my schedule.


How do you deal with a busy life and conflicting priorities?