I recently saw that Healthworks is having a promotion for friends of members to use the club in November, as well as reduced membership fees for current members who refer friends that join. I would encourage you all to take advantage of this! I have promoted Healthworks to many friends who have ended up joining. I didn’t do it for the referral money, but because I think it’s a great club. And it increases my personal motivation to have friends at the gym. A recent article in Women’s Health magazine references a study by The New England Journal of Medicine on the ability of your social circle to influence your weight.fresh rolls

I hate having to choose between social life and working out, which tends to be an issue on weeknights. Too often, hanging out time ends up revolving around fried food and alcohol (which is fun on occasion). But being able to work out with friends, take a class together, or meet at the gym and then go out for a healthy dinner is a great way to combine a social and exercise time. Thai or Vietnamese food are two of my personal favorite options for post-gym dinners, because they have so many healthy options on the menus…Post-workout fresh rolls, shared with a good friend = perfection. Surround yourself with positive influences, and be a positive influence on those around you!


Visit this referral page to find out more about the Healthworks Referral Program. Bring in a friend each week in November!

What do you like to eat post workout?