Many of my fellow bloggers have posted similar entries since the clocks were turned back. It gets dark early now, as you know. Even though my work as a substitute teacher allows me to get out/home relatively early (between 2-3 PM), the shorter days leave me lacking in the motivation department.

If I want to go home after work and take care of things or run errands, it’s dark by the time I would think about heading to the gym. And once it is dark out, I’m ready to make like Yogi Bear and hibernate.

So how does one stay motivated during these long winter months?

  • Find a workout buddy and make plans to meet a few times a week. You might not mind letting yourself out of a work out, but if you’ve made plans to meet someone you are more likely to keep the appointment.
  • Schedule your workouts in your calendar or planner like you would any other event. This way you can track your workouts and schedule them accordingly, or around that holiday event.

Try something new. There are tons of classes offered at Healthworks. Try that Urban Rebounding class you’ve heard so much about, or schedule yourself a Focus session to boost your mood and esteem.

Set mini reward goals. For every five (or ten) workouts completed, reward yourself with something that makes you feel good and that allows you to have some needed downtime, like a manicure or shoulder massage, or even that holiday treat you’ve been dying for.

Above all, don’t get down on yourself if you miss a workout or two. It’s a hectic time of year for everyone, and it is not always possible to get everything accomplished. Take one day at a time, and get back on the exercise bandwagon as soon as your schedule allows.


What motivates you?