Do you ever have such a good workout where the next day you are aware of some muscles you haven’t used in awhile because they are sore? I am having one of those day-after muscle soreness moments where I am simultaneously annoyed that my body hurts and also excited to have had a good workout that I feel the next day. It definitely makes me aware of my body in a new way, but also slows down my workout while I give my body time to recover. “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness” is common but can be prevented if you don’t overexert yourself (generally more than 10% greater than last week) and use proper warm up, cool down, and stretching. When I work out regularly and am trying to change things up, however, I don’t always know exactly what my body is capable of doing. Trying new exercises is one way to figure it out, but sometimes comes with the consequence of soreness the next day. Mostly, though, the journey of figuring out what I can do is worth it!


When’s the last time you tried something different than your usual routine, and how did you feel the next day?