I read a new book in a series by one of my favorite novelists this week and I was excited to see that the two main female characters were not the typical thin, petite, average-to-big-breasted heroines. Instead, one was of average height and weight with larger breasts and butt, and the other was taller and described as between sizes 14 and 16. Issues of body image – and how others reacted to their bodies and treated them accordingly – were discussed off and on throughout the book in a realistic way. Additionally, the women were smart and helped “save the day,” finding happiness at the end (of course!). It is refreshing to read descriptions of women as strong lead characters who go beyond the “perfect” body shape mold often created by the media, and to include their feelings and reactions to their body throughout the book.

How are the women in your favorite books described? What is their size and shape, and does the author address how the characters feel about their bodies (either positively or negatively)? If you find that many of your books have the same “type” of woman heroine, consider branching out to a new author to get some different perspectives in your characters!