This week, I spent a lot of time trying to recover. I watched hours and hours (and hours) of Big Love on TV, ate many popsicles, and pretty much drank an entire bottle of NyQuil. I felt so much better! And then I had a crazy whirlwind day of travel and excitement, as I attended my dear friend S.’s wedding. And now I don’t feel so great again.

S. is a friend from graduate school, and she was one of my running teammates this summer. We trained for many long and hard hours together. At the half-marathon in September, we held hands as we crossed the starting line. I was so happy to be able to go to her wedding in Baltimore yesterday – she looked like she walked right out of a bridal magazine!

I had a really fun moment getting ready for the wedding; I tried on all the dresses in my closet – including my high school prom dress – and nothing fit me! I didn’t think far enough ahead to have anything tailored, so I had to go shopping for a new dress; literally, everything I owned was falling off my body, and would have needed to be taken in by a few inches. I went shopping with my friend, and former coach J., and had quite a thrill. I bought a dress – size 14! This is a big moment for me, dear readers. Not too long ago, and I will admit this in a public forum, I was a size 22. I’m not at my goal weight yet, but I can’t even begin to describe what a different experience shopping is now. I used to only be able to buy clothes at certain stores that catered to plus sized shoppers. And now I find myself being able to shop in more and more stores for more and more kinds of clothes. A whole new world of fashion is opening up for me, and I love the way I look!

It’s an amazing thing to feel healthier, to love my body, and to be able to see and notice real differences as I work so hard to achieve goals. I’ve tried to do this for many years, and I’m finally following through and making real commitments. I’m really doing this!