It has taken me a long while to reach this point, but I’m finally here – and I have an announcement to make.

I have decided to train for another race.

After September’s half marathon, I felt pretty terrible for a few days. I was sore beyond belief, and even walking hurt. The race itself was harder than I had anticipated, probably because it was so hot, and the last few miles seemed like they would never end. Right after the race, my teammate S. asked, “what next?” I really thought she was crazy, and at that moment absolutely nothing would have convinced me to sign up for another race. Even a few weeks ago, I hesitated when a friend asked me if I would ever run another half marathon. The whole thing seemed so painfully difficult; it was something to be proud of (and believe me, I am proud), but I felt that it would probably just be one of those things that I did once and could say I did it.

I’ve been realizing lately, especially as I’ve been struggling with my goals and feeling sick, that I loved the process of training. I really loved having long Sunday runs, and the anticipation was so exciting. I was really scared at first, as my coach would probably tell anybody (and I had a lot of freak outs). As the summer wore on, though, and I hit the 2 hour mark, my fear turned into a sense of mission, and I knew that I would cross the finish line. I had no doubts that I would do it. The process of training was a big push; I ran regularly, and kept up a lot of cross training because I knew I had to; if I didn’t complete the training goals, I would have had a harder time getting across the finish line. I loved the feeling of being really committed, and to thinking almost single-mindedly about my goal for weeks on end. I loved the intensity of it.

I really miss it.

At the end of S.’s wedding reception on Sunday evening, I went to say goodbye. She said that she would have more time to hang out now that all the wedding planning was finally over – and I told her that I wanted to train for another race. I could tell from her high-five that she was really excited. I bet Coach J. would be in, too (she’s a running addict, she can’t help it). Now we just have to decide what race to run


Should I run another half? Or maybe look for a 20k? Or a series of smaller races?