Working out and eating right has its advantages.  You lose weight, look and feel better, and have increased health benefits.  However, sometimes the scale just doesn’t match all of your best efforts.  Sometimes you plateau.  Sometimes it just happens depending on what is going on inside your body, your stress level or fluid intake.  If you are also tracking your measurements, the numbers do not lie.

The number on the scale for me hasn’t really budged in a couple of weeks.  I haven’t been working out as much since I started my new job and I’ve also been dealing with some chronic pain issues which totally wipe me out.  So today I decided to check my measurements and compare them to the numbers when I started working out at Healthworks in August.  I was pleased with the results, having lost about 15 inches overall.

I still have a long way to go, but I suggest doing measurements and tracking them once a month if you are feeling frustrated with your results.  The number on the scale isn’t always the number that can show progress and improvement.